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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about Campusfit - HU Gym


Who can use the Campusfit?

Eligible are:

  • All adult members of the HU and the cooperating universities in Berlin
  • HU-Alumni
  • Minor members of the HU from the age of 16 with written permission from their parents

We cannot offer external users the opportunity to use it.

The using of the Campusfit requires a membership. You can find the current tariffs here.

The prerequisite for using the Campusfit is a fee-based instruction appointment


Instruction dates

Instruction dates for:

you can book here.

Tarif packages

You have the option of choosing between four tariffs for a membership:

  • 3 Month FLEXABO
  • 12 Month SPARABO

You can find the current tariff costs here.

The term of the membership begins with the self-defined start date. 

The offer can be booked at any time and during the booked period you can train as often as you like within the opening hours. 

Opening times

The opening times can be found here.

Is there a trial session?

There is no possibility for a free trial training. An instruction appointment can be booked for a fee.

Campusfit rules
  • There are lockers in the changing rooms or in the foyer of the hall for storing clothes and bags. You need your own lock for this.
  • All lockers/ lockers must be emptied daily.
  • Take valuables/laptops with you into the studio (safety deposit box).
  • A towel is required for the training (use it as a base for device training).
  • Training only allowed with clean, sturdy indoor shoes. (Barefoot or slippers are not permitted.)
  • Drinks are only allowed in unbreakable bottles.
  • Please put weights and additional equipment back after using.
  • Please clean the cardio equipment with disinfectant after use.

Is there a trainer on site?

Yes. Always.

What if I forgot my lock?

Borrow against a deposit.

Can I take a water bottle to the Campusfit?

Drinks are only allowed in unbreakable bottles.

How can I renew my membership?

You can renews the membership here. 

Can I cancel my membership early?

Please note the conditions of participation 4.2. 

What if I forgot my towel?

You can rent a towel for 1€ in Campusfit.