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Berlin University Championship & Tournaments

The Berlin universities (FU, HU, TU, HTW, BHT) offer regional competition events and tournaments. All university members (and some alumni and externals) can take part in these competitions and tournaments.



Berlin University Championship


Only members of the Berlin universities are allowed to participate in the Berlin University Championship (BHM). The BHM Open, on the other hand, is also accessible for members of all universities in Germany.

Further tournaments and competition


Other tournaments and competitions are primarily aimed at students and employees of the cooperating universities. Participation is possible for alumni and external people.


Overview of the competition events and tournaments of the cooperating universities in Berlin

(Further information on the individual events can be found on the websites of the respective universities). Other national and international events are listed in the competitive sports calendar.


organizing university

Volleyball 6vs6 end-of-semester tournament

 18.02.23 HU Berlin until 04.02.23

Futsal end-of-semester tournament


18.02.23 HU Berlin until 04.02.23
Roundnet Semesteropening tbd HU Berlin tbd


cooperating universitys in Berlin

Hochschulsport Freie Universität

Hochschulsport Technische Universität

Hochschulsport HTW Berlin

Hochschulsport BHT