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Workplace Health Promotion

With the measures "PausenExpress", "Business Yoga" and "Back Fit", the university sports department at the Humboldt University in Berlin offers an individual and holistic concept for promoting health in the workplace. 

The offers are designed in such a way that they do not need any sports equipment or sports clothing and do not have to leave their workplace. Our trainers come directly to you in the office, loosen up your day and get your department moving again. In addition, you will also find purely digital offers so that you can do something for your health from your home office.




With this 15-minute program developed by sports scientists, you can quickly recharge your batteries for the rest of the day. It is a diverse mixture of mobilization, strengthening and coordination, that is individually adapted to your needs!

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Business Yoga                         

As part of workplace health promotion, Business Yoga offers space for stress reduction and active relaxation. The program builds on centuries of experience in yoga culture and is adapted to the conditions in your office. 

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Back Fit                           

With the program "back fit on the PC", we offer you an extensive catalog of exercises to do something for your back health on your own. A balanced mixture to prevent back damage caused by long periods of sitting.




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