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PausenExpress is a short, 15-minute programme of relaxation, movement and fitness under the guidance of qualified trainers. This active workplace break alleviates complaints such as back and joint problems and increases performance and productivity.

PausenExpress involves 15 minutes of strengthening, mobilisation and relaxation exercises with and without small equipment. Participants do not need to change their clothes to take part in the programme and the training supervisor will come directly to your workplace. Together with the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Department of Sports Sciences, we educate the training staff in coaching and training sciences and kinesiology on the basis of the latest sports science findings.


Each office community can book one appointment per week and determine the premises for this themselves. Due to the financial support of the university management, we can offer you the PausenExpress 3 times a year for 10 weeks free of charge.

Please note: If there are more than 10 participants, we recommend - depending on your spatial requirements - that you set up another group and register it as well. Please remember to always enter the exact location with room number to make it easier for our coordinators and trainers to allocate the location.




In principle, the PausenExpress can take place in any room in your office. However, the room should be as large as possible so that each team member has twice the arm's length of space. Desks and chairs are welcome aids for our trainers and are welcome to be present in the room.


If you have any questions about the registration system, please contact: We're here to help!