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Business Yoga

Business yoga is a comprehensive concept for strengthening the mind and body. Physical exercises and breathing and relaxation exercises are carried out directly in the workplace.

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As part of the occupational health promotion programme, Business yoga offers an opportunity for stress relief and active relaxation. The centuries-old yoga training system has been adapted to the modern workplace environment by qualified coaches. The programme is suitable for everyone and can easily be incorporated into the working day. No special equipment is required for the 20-minute yoga session. The training supervisor will come directly to your workplace and you do not need to change your clothes. The physical exercises (asanas) boost strength and increase flexibility. The breathing exercises (pranayama) and relaxation exercises promote balance and powers of concentration.

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Please note: If there are more than 10 participants, we recommend - depending on your spatial requirements - that you set up another group and register it as well. Please remember to always enter the exact location with room number to make it easier for our coordinators and trainers to allocate the location.


In principle, the Business Yoga can take place in any room in your office. However, the room should be as large as possible so that each team member has twice the arm's length of space. Desks and chairs are welcome aids for our trainers and are welcome to be present in the room.


If you have any questions about the registration system, please contact: We're here to help!