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Occupational health promotion

The ‘Back fit’, ‘PausenExpress’ and ‘Business yoga’ measures from Sport and Recreation at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin provide an individual, comprehensive concept for promoting health in the workplace.

‘Occupational health promotion is a modern corporate strategy for improving health at the workplace’. (German Network for Workplace Health Promotion - DNBGF) As Sport and Recreation, we also have a responsibility to boost health at the workplace with our programmes, and hope to tie into the DNBGF’s concept via our ‘Back fit’, ‘PausenExpress’ and ‘Business yoga’ programmes.

The Personnel Board has classified our measures as working hours from the outset. We have also been receiving financial support from the University Direction since January 2013. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin staff can make use of our programmes free of charge throughout the year for 3 lots of 10 weeks, and the programmes are available for variable booking during the period. 58 groups within the university are currently taking advantage of our measures for promoting occupational health. Externally, we have been able to implement our programmes thanks to a partnership with Barmer GEK.

The health promotion measures were developed taking sports science and medical aspects into account and are subject to ongoing further development. We would be happy to help you create and implement an occupational health promotion programme adapted to your particular corporate organisational structure. If you are interested in structuring your working environment so that it helps to maintain health, please get in touch with the relevant contact.